1.5HP Air Conditioner (RP-12PK) -RestPoint

Product Code: RP-12PK
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1.5HP Air Conditioner (RP-12PK) -RestPointProduct DescriptionsModel: RP-12PK1. Cooling capacity 1.5HP/12000 BTU2. Auto-restart3. Wide-range volt, 180-240V4. Super quiet, as quiet as sound of...

1.5HP Air Conditioner (RP-12PK) -RestPoint

Product Descriptions

Model: RP-12PK
1. Cooling capacity 1.5HP/12000 BTU
2. Auto-restart
3. Wide-range volt, 180-240V
4. Super quiet, as quiet as sound of leaves
5. World-famous compressor
6. Easy-to-clean filter
7. self-diagnosis
8. 3m copper connecting pipe
9. High efficiency
10 Two-way draining water,easy to install

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