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Power Generators

Power Generators

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Tiger Power Gasoline Manual Generator


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Mini Generator TG1400  is a portable Generator for home use and small and medium businesses It has overload auto circuit breaker, steady output, relatively noiseless, por..


30KVA Generator - Mikano


Stand By Power KVA: 30Length (A) mm: 2010Width (B) mm: 940Height (C) mm: 1235Gross Weight kgs: 490..


1.5KVA Manual Start Generator SPG 1800 - Sumec


Low fuel consumptionCopper wireColour: YellowModel: Firman SPG 1800Single phaseStarting System: RecoilMAX Output: 1.5KVAFuel Tank(L): 15..


2.8kva Generator (SV6200E2) -Elepaq


Model: EC3800CXRated frequency(Hz): 50Rated voltage(V): 230Rated output power(KVA): 3.0Max. output power(KVA): 2.8Rated rotation speed(rpm): 3000Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)<3.5%(typical)<5%(m..




KEY FEATURESAC frequency ;  50HZRated AC voltage ; 220VAC output ; 1.1KVARated AC output ; 1.00KVAVoltage Regulation ;Engine type; Single cylinder 4 stroke,Recoil (Manual Start)Fuel ; PetrolLow O..


1.8KVA Manual Start Generator SPG2200 - Elepaq Senwei


Senwei ,formerly known as Elepaq)Please do not use on large appliances such as air conditioner , chest freezers, large refrigerators, pumping machines and boilers and pressing ironsModel:it comes as S..


Solar Power Generator 300w - QASA


Here we introduce QASA new product, which is called "SOLAR/PHCN POWERED GENERATOR" with Model No. QPG-500 & QSP-100W18. It integrates Inverter, Stabilizer, UPS, Battery and it's all..


2.8KVA Key Starter Generator 100%Copper (FPG3800E2) -FIRMAN


ModelFPG3800AC Frequency50Hz / 60Hz Rated AC Voltage110V , 120V , 220V , 230V , 240V Single voltage or Dual..


1.3KVA Manual Start Generator SV2200 - Elepaq Senwei


The best feature of this Elepaq SV2200 manual start generator is its low fuel consumption rate. Featuring a 6-litre fuel tank capacity, it works fine as a standalone or as a back-up to support yo..


2.5 kVA Key Start Generator (SV6500E2) -ELEPAQ


Model: SV6500E2• Brand: Elepaq• AC Frequency: 50 Hz• Starting Capacity: 2.5KVA• Running Capacity: 2.5KVA• Alternator Type: Brushless, self-exciting, synchronous, 2-pole, 100% Copper Enameled Wire• Vol..




Maxi Generators give maximum power, and rugged reliability. With overhead valve technology, larger oil capacity and fuel filters, and high-performance spark plugs, the efficient engines are sure to de..


3.2KVA Key Start Generator ECO5990ES - Elepaq Senwei


AC Frequency 50HzRated AC Voltage 220VRated AC Current 5.45AStarting AC Output 3.2KVARated AC Output 2.8KVAProtection type IP23Insulation Level BPower factor COSΦ 1Phase SingleBore x stroke 56*40Displ..


2.9kva Firman Generator (ECO 3990ES) With Key Starter -Sumec


2.9 KVA Firman Generator guarantees stable power supply. It is exactly what you need in your Offices and home to guarantee stable power supply. It has an impressive fuel tank which ensures longer hour..


3.4KVA Generator and Key Starter 100% COPPER (FPG4800E2) -Sumec Firman


KEY FEATURESBrand FIRMANAC Frequency50 HzStarting Watts3400 WRunning Watts3100 WAlternator TypeBrush,self exciting, synchronous,2-pole,100% Copper Enamelled WireVoltage Regulation220VPhase Single Phas..


2.5KVA Manual Start Generator EC5200CX - Elepaq Senwei


The 2.5KVA Senwei EC5200CX manual start generator is perfect for the power needs of an average home and small office. The EC5200CX generator combines the power, effectiveness and cost efficiency uniqu..


2.5KVA Firman Key Start Generator (SPG3000E2) -Sumec


Sumec Firman Generator SPG 3000E2 is a cost effective generator for your home or small business giving you top value for money. It is a  2.5KVA (2.5KW) generator offering key start, recoil start,..


6.0KVA Sumec Firman Generator SPG 8000E2 - Sumec Firman


Model: SPG8000E/E2AC Output (220V/50Hz): 6.0kva Max 5.5kva RatedDC Output (12V/8.3A): Phase No.: Single PhasePower Factor: 1.0Max 13HP Air Cooled OHV Single Cylinder4-strokeAlternator: BrushAVR 100% C..


6.25KVA Generator EK50 - MAXI


  Power    6.25KVA / 5 KW     Operate    Elegant Key     Coil    100 % Copper     Noise Re..


Solar Power Generator 600w - QASA


Inverter capacity: 600W Battery capacity: 200Ah Output voltage: 230V AC, 12V DC, 5V DC AC Charging current: 8-15A Recommended solar panel: 200W/18V*2 Working time: Loa..


6.5KVA Key Starter Sumec Firman Generator SPG 8600E2 - Sumec Firman


Semi-silent zero gravity generator, with a max power output of 6600W;  average output power is 6000W; fuel capacity: 25 litres, oil capacity: 1.6 litres; 9h Operation Hours at 75% Load. The ..


6KVA Key Start Generator SPG8000E2 - Sumec Firman


Sumec Firman SPG 8000E2 Generator  KEY STARTERAC Output: 220VDC Output: 12V/8.3APhase No.: Single PhaseEngine -SFE390E, Max 13.0HP,4-stroke single, OHV, air cooledAlternator- Brush, self-exciting..


Generator (GX160) - Maxmech


Honda’s GX series engines are legendary for superior reliability and performance. And there’s no doubt about it: the GX160 lives up to the legend. Lower noise levels, lower vibration, and lower emissi..


6.5KVA Key Starter Firman Generator SPG 8800E2 - Sumec Firman


Superior in quality and durable, Sumec Firman SPG8800E2 Key Start Generator adopts an advanced technology in design.Specifications: - Single phase- Power factor: 1- Engine: 15HP, Single cylinder,..


2.8KVA Key Start Generator SPG4000E2 - Sumec Firman


SUMEC FirmanAdvanced & equipped for integrated power solutionFIRMAN generator sets ranked first for six consecutive years among brands of exported portable Gasoline Generator in China. Leading the..


Generator (GX200) - HONDA


Honda’s GX series engines are legendary for superior reliability and performance. And there’s no doubt about it: the GX200 lives up to the legend. Lower noise levels, lower vibration, and lower emissi..


6.6KVA key starter with remote Firman Generator FPG 8800E2R - Sumec Firman


The Sumec Firman FPG8800E2R is a cost effective generator for the home or medium size business premise. The SPG8800E2R is an absolute value for money operating at (220V/50Hz): 6600W Max 50Hz. Thi..


3.2KVA Key Start Generator ECO4990ES - Deluxeline Senwei


deluxeline senwei green power green life petrol generator ECO 4990ES Consume lesser fuel petrol generator 7.5hp ohv engine 50hz 3.2kva REEASE PIN easy fixing for handle super silent muff..


Maxi Generator EK20 -LG


 Power    2 KW / 2.5 KVA     Operate    Manuel / Elegant Keys     Coil    100 % Copper    ..


3.1KVA Firman Generator RD 3910EX - Sumec Firman


Sumec Firman Generator RD 3910EX 3.1KVA Rugged is a cost effective generator for your home or small business. Sumec Firman Generator RD 3910EX 3.1KVA Rugged Generator is a value for money 3...


Maxi EK50 5KW / 6.2KVA Battery Starter Generator -LG




2.5KVA Manual Start Generator SPG 2900 - Sumec Firman


Model: SPG2900AC Output (220V/50Hz):  2.5kva Max 2.2kva RatedDC Output (12V/8.3A): YesPhase No.: Single PhasePower Factor: 1.0Engine: SFE160 Max 5.5HP Air Cooled OHV Sing..


7.6KVA Key Starter Firman Generator ECO 10990ES - Sumec Firman


Sumec Firman 7.6 KVA Generator - ECO10990ES With Key Starter is a cost effective Gasoline generator for your home or Large business that gives you value for your money, it is cost effective and easy t..


2.8KVA Manual Start Generator SPG 3000M - Sumec Firman


Product Description AC Output-220V 2.8kva max. / 2.5kva rated DC Output-12V/8.3A Phase No-.Single Phase Engine-SPE200, Max6.5HP,4-stroke single cylinder..


Generator FPG 8800E2 -Sumec Firman


Max.output:7200W/60Hz(6600W/50Hz)Phase:Single phaseCapacity: 6KVAPower factor:1Engine:15.0HP,Single cylinder,4-Stroke, OHV,Air cooledFuel:Unleaded gasolineFuel tank capacity:25LNoise level@7m:72d..


4.5KVA Manual Starter Generator Sv6800 (ElepacCNST) - Elepaq


Brand: ElepaqModel: SV6800AC Frequency: 50 HzStarting Capacity: 4.5KVARunning Capacity: 4.2KVAAlternator Type: Brushless, self exciting, synchronous, 2-pole,  Enameled WireVoltage Regulation: 220..


5KVA Firman Diesel Soundproof Generator -Sumec


Product Description Sumec FirmanSPG 7000SE-Diesel is a cost effective generator for your home or Large business. Sumec Firman SPG SPG 7000SE-Diesel&nbs..


SDG 7000SE Diesel Generator -Sumec Firman


Sumec FirmanSPG 7000SE-Diesel is a cost effective generator for your home or Large business. Sumec Firman SPG SPG 7000SE-Diesel is a value for money. Though the generator is model 7000SE. It is n..


2.5KVA Manual Starter Generator SV5800 - Elepaq


Model: SV5800Brand: ElepaqAC Frequency: 50 HzStarting Capacity: 2.5KVARunning Capacity: 2.5KVAAlternator Type: Brushless, self exciting, synchronous, 2-pole, Enameled WireVoltage Regulation: 220VPhase..


6.7KVA Firman Generator (Eco 8990ES) -Sumec


Product Description The Sumec Firman Eco 8990ES is a 6.7 KVA Generator with Supper Silent Muffler Features Petrol generatorSpecial big handle design for ..


Maxi Generator EM20 -LG


  Power    2.5KVA/2.0KW     Operate    Elegant Manuel     Coil    100 % Copper     Noise R..


2.8KVA Manual Starter Generator EC5800CX - Elepaq


It's so important to have the right home appliances, whether they are large or small, they help you through your day to day activities as well as make your standard of living a more comfortable one. T..


6.5Kva Firman Rugged Generator (RD8910EX) -Sumec


Product Description AC Output 220V 6.5 kva max. / 6.8kva ratedDC Output 12V/8.3APhase No. Single PhaseEngine SPE400E, Max 15.0 HP,4-stroke single cylinder,..


3" Gasoline Water Pump -Sumec


3 Inch Self-Priming Gasoline Water Pump is widely used in agriculture and garden irrigation Specification Of 3 Inch Gasoline Water Pump Engine:WK168 1-Cylinder ,4-stroke air-cooled OHV Gasoline Engine..


11KVA Key Starter Generator SV 22000 - Elepaq


The Elepaq SV22000 Generator Is a 10KVA generator that will work for your air conditioner one 1,5hp or 2hp, freezer and other home appliances it has two tyers for easy carrying the generator..


2.2KVA Manual Start Generator SPG2500 - Sumec Firman


Product DescriptionThe Sumec Firman SPG 2500 is a cost effective generator for your home or small business. Sumec Firman SPG 2500 (Red) is a value for money Power Factor, Noise Level, Fuel Tank c..


9KVA Key Start Generator ECO 12990ES - Sumec Firman


Model: ECO12990ESBrand: FIRMANAC Frequency: 50 HzStarting Watts: 9000 WRunning Watts: 8200 WAlternator Type: Brush,self exciting, synchronous,2-pole,100% Copper EnamelledVoltage Regulation: ..


3.1KVA Firman Generator SPG 3800E2 - Sumec


KEY FEATURES:AC Output (220V/50Hz): 3.1kva Max 2.8kva RatedDC Output (12V/8.3A): YesPhase: Single PhasePower Factor: 1.0Engine:  SFE270E Max 9.0HP Air Cooled OHV Single Cylinder, 4-strokeAlternat..

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